The OSF Advantage

OSF Solutions

Ohio Star Forge is a part of Daido Steel's International Forging Division. Our collaboration with our sister forging facilities pays dividends across all facets of our business. In addition, we have access to the resources of a world class specialty steel manufacturer.

OSF Engineering

Ohio Star Forge's continuous lineup of Hatebur AMP 30, AMP 40, AMP 50XL HFE and AMP 70XL hot formers give us the capability to forge parts with OD sizes from 25 mm to 165 mm. Furthermore, aggressive engineering leads to a more near net shape product, which results in lower material costs and cycle times for our customers.

OSF Customer Service

Our industry-leading best practices and state-of-the-art technology are key ingredients to Ohio Star Forge consistently meeting or exceeding our customers' needs. As the winner of numerous supplier performance awards, our experienced team embodies the stability and reliability that enables our customers to focus on their business.